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Teagan Presley

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Teagan Presley Biography

Born in Houston, Texas, Presley is the oldest sibling in her family and helped raise three brothers and three sisters. She began training in dance and gymnastics when she was seven. Presley relocated to Southern California at age 10. She went on to dance with Joffrey Ballet and later was accepted into the American Ballet Theater. When she was 15, Presley represented the United States at dance and gymnastic events in Germany and Denmark. She competed in many dance competitions, among them are the well-known Star Power Talent Competition and Showstopper American Dance Championships. Presley competed nationally until she graduated at the age of 17 from Fallbrook High School. Her first ****ographic film role was in Just Over Eighteen 10 from Red Light District Video in January, 2004. She performed in 70 ****ographic film scenes over the next eight months, many of which included anal scenes. In late 2004, she signed an exclusive, three-year contract with **** production studio Digital Playground; also, she received breast implants and a nose job. Presley claims she first became involved in ****ography as revenge against her ex-boyfriend. Teagan has also appeared on mainstream television. In 2004, she appeared on the Howard Stern Show with fellow starlet Cytherea. In 2005 she appeared on the hit HBO show Entourage in the `Pussy Patrol` in Season 2, Episode 9: I Love You Too. Off screen she claims that her best friends are fellow **** actesses Nadia Styles and Jesse Jane.

Winner AVN Awards 2007:
Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Video

Winner 2009 XCRO Awards:
Best Cumback

Winner AVN Awards 2009:
Best Solo Sex Scene

Winner 2010 F.A.M.E. Awards: Hottest Body

Winner XBiz Awards 2010 - Female Porn Star of the Year

Winner AVN Awards 2010:
Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene and Best Solo Sex Scene.
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Posted: 18:03, 2010-Oct-12
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Teagan Presley 2011

Teagan Presley at 2011 AVN Awards

Posted: 22:03, 2011-May-27
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Jenna Haze takes charge in fight against adult film industry piracy


Hew Burney

Lisa Ann, Teagan Presley and Jenna Haze at the Exotic Dancer Awards at Wasted Space in the Hard Rock Hotel on Aug. 24, 2010.

Adult entertainer and producer Jenna Haze is angry that the adult film industry isnít fighting back against pirates who steal content to show it for free because it will eventually put it out of business. She plans a one-woman fight if necessary to protect their rights and is ready to lead the charge by herself.

The subject of piracy dominated the Adult Entertainment Expo and AVN Awards here this month, and in previous coverage, itís been a hotly debated issue. Jenna, who cut the ribbon for the opening ceremonies of AEE/AVN this year, believes that she has to take immediate action before itís too late.

She told me: ďIím shooting a lot of movies for my company, especially now that I have my own company. I direct and I produce, as well as perform. So I released five movies last year. Iím planning on releasing more this year, six or seven. I got my first directing nomination at AVN. I also got the most nominations Iíve ever had, so itís been a pretty exciting year.

ďThereís been a lot of talk this year about performersí safety. For the last couple of years, Iíve had everybody tested before I work with them. Iíve paid out of my own pocket for the brand new test. I also only work with five guys I know, so I keep my list relatively small. I know that theyíre talking about making condoms mandatory. Whatever they feel is safest, of course Iím going to go along with.Ē

Jenna says now that sheís turned producer, sheís bankrolling her own projects and has invested more than $320,000 in eight productions to date.

ďItís a lot of money; itís all my money. I donít have investors,Ē she told me. ďSo every time I shoot a movie, itís all the money that I make that I put into it, which is rare. I think only one other girl in the business is doing that.

ďIím making a profit, but being honest, it is nowhere near as much as I would have made four years ago. Thatís because of the Ďtubeí sites. The piracy and the tube sites are killing the industry. We kind of called them tube sites after YouTube.

ďBut they take our work, steal it and show it for free. Most of what you see on the Internet with us is ripped off from us, and we get nothing for it. As an industry, weíre each individually trying to fight it. However, I want to know why we arenít united in a fight against it.

ďI think that if the whole industry banded together, we could shut them down. But it seems to me that every company becomes just concerned with themselves. A lot of adult companies are actually doing the Ďif you canít beat them, join themí thing and starting their own tube sites and making their money from advertising. Which I think is just crazy, totally crazy, because if you care about the industry, you do it as a whole industry together.

ďI just donít know why we donít code the content so it only runs where we want it to run and nobody else can run it. Iíve asked them a zillion times why. The technology exists to make it so that we canít be ripped off. I donít know why they donít do it. Mainstream movies do it all the time on the DVDs -- you canít burn them. But for some reason, the porn industry hasnít done it.

ďNow Iím personally looking into different ways of doing it. Making it so on my Web site, my content canít be transferred or anything like that. I would love to lead the charge for the entire industry on this. I feel that strongly about it. Iím actually one of the only girls who is adamantly against tube sites. A lot of girls donít really seem to care because I think theyíre not owners of the companies. They just get paid. They donít have their own money going into owning their own product like I do.

ďOnce Iíd started my own company, I said, ďNo, you canít take my stuff. I put a lot of hard work into that! It belongs to me, and you canít have it for free.í Itís my goal this year to clean this whole piracy thing up for once and for all for the entire industry. When you see me in Vegas next year, youíll see I will have made a lot of progress. Maybe not all pirates will have gone by the wayside, but enough to start making a real difference.

Posted: 21:49, 2011-May-27
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Lost Pics from SF

When I was dancing at the Crazy Horse in San Francisco. I had taken some pictures, but hadnít gotten around to posting them.

I got to walk around Fishermanís Wharf. (Which I love by the way) I went and ate at Scomaís.  It was very beautiful eating against the window where I can see all of the boats docked.  I just really wish I had an extra day to go on some more touristy adventures. Such as: Visit Alcatraz, the bike ride from the Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge, Walk around more of Fishermanís Wharf and many other things.

Here  you go:

Teagan Presley

This is where I spent most of my daytime cause I was dancing at the Crazy Horse all night. You know you wish you could join me!

Teagan Presley

Me in my dressing room, waiting to go on stage.

Teagan Presley

After the Club. All nice and clean from all that gross club and stage dirt.  Absolutely NO MAKEUP!

Teagan Presley

Dark Bar picture. Having a few drinks with friends before heading to the club.

Well, my final thoughts on San FranciscoÖ.I need a weekend vacation away there to do everything I want to.  And I love everyone who came and works at Crazy Horse in SF.

Posted: 20:15, 2011-May-26
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About Teagan Presley

Age: 24
Birthday: July 24, 1985
Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Houston, TX
Measurments: 34C -24- 34
Height: 5′ 1″
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Natural Bust: No
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Amercian
Tattoos: Back of neck & upper arm
Career: 2009-current

Already a well-known face in the adult industry, Teagan Presley was looking for a chance to grow and new opportunities when she signed an exclusive contract with Adam and Eve Pictures in November 2009.

Adam and Eve officials said her drop-dead good looks combined with her sweet and sassy attitude helped Teagan fit right in with current stars Bree Olson and Alexis Ford.

Teaganís jaw-dropping curves, acting skills and business savvy have had an explosive impact on the adult industry Ė leading to appearances on over 100 magazine covers, several crossover roles on shows like HBOís Entourage and inSuperbad, being chosen as a Penthouse Pet in January 2009 and high-profile roles in over 50 adult DVDs, includingPirates, Not Bewitched XXX, Deviance and The Bradys XXX: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Along the way, sheís raked in multiple awards for best new starlet, favorite ass and an AVN for best solo scene. (You can check that one out for yourself in Not Bewitched.)

And if all thatís not enough for you, Teagan recently teamed up with superstar Eva Angelina and director/executive producer Joshua to create a new studio Ė skinworXXX. The studio has only produced two films so far, but both were critic favorites and highly reviewed. Their last offering Ė Deviance Ė is widely considered one of the best all-sex movies of the year and a shoe-in at the next AVN awards.

Teagan started stripping soon after she turned 18 when her live-in boyfriend at the time wasnít able to afford the rent on their apartment. Her boyfriend got angry over her decision, and she started looking into the adult industry as a way to get back at him.

She quickly appeared in a large number of adult movies, earning recognition for her spankable ass and energetic anal scenes. After winning several awards, she signed a contract with Digital Playground, just in time to land a high-profile role in the best selling Pirates alongside Adam and Eve star Carmen Luvana.

After a falling out with Digital Playground, Teagan remembered the close and supportive nature Adam and Eve Pictures provided their stars and was eager to sign up when company officials approached her. Teagan is a true MILF, with 2 beautiful baby girls. But donít expect her to start appearing in MILF movies anytime soon Ė her next project involves a scene with Bree Olson thatís sure to become a fan favorite!

Posted: 20:11, 2011-May-26
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Right before my trip to San Francisco we wrapped the movie ďForbiddenĒ for Skinworxxx & Adam and Eve

It has all of the hottest stars in the business right now & Blonde.



Alexis Texas

Ash Hollywood

Kiara Diane

Briana Blair

Alexis Ford

It has the same style as Deviance but the complete opposite. It is bright and just as beautiful and dirty as Deviance. Also, unlike Deviance 2, Femmecore and Harder we brought back the teases as we did in the original Deviance.

Hereís some behind the scenes pics that I took for you guys:

Teagan Presley

David Lord & Ash Hollywood

Teagan Presley

My Outfit..You like?

Teagan Presley

The bottom of my outfit..For those of you that love garters & stockings

Teagan Presley

The hot Ash Hollywood who I had a great time fucking during this scene!

Teagan Presley

Sexy Candid iPhone pic

Teagan Presley

Melissa (the best makeup artist) and I

Teagan Presley

Director of Forbidden, Joshua & I

Teagan Presley

Briana Blair

Teagan Presley

Candid iPhone pic while they were setting up for my scene with Ash Hollywood

Teagan Presley

Ash Hollywood & myself before we fucked!

Teagan Presley

Candid pic while I was bored waiting on set

Teagan Presley

Another bored candid

Teagan Presley

Teagan Presley

Love this outfit!

Make sure you guys leave TONS of comments & let me know what you thinkÖ


Posted: 20:07, 2011-May-26
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Teagan Presley POV Hardcore Sex

You think Teagan Presley is hot, she has a way of making herself hotter even if she is sucking a big cock with her tongue and taking it up her mouth. In this scorching hot video, we see Teagan Presley the way she is meant to be seen, in POV style. POV stands for Point of View. What does that mean? It means that when Teagan is giving her world famous blowjob and getting fucked, you see it from the cameraís point of view, simply put, it is as if you are the one having sex with Teagan!
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Posted: 16:51, 2010-Nov-11
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Hardcore sex

Teagan Presley foot , feet

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Posted: 18:03, 2010-Oct-12 in Hardcore sex
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Teagan Presley ass

Teagan Presley gets her tight ass crack pierced by a huge jizzlog

Teagan Presley riding cock

Teagan Presley cum

Posted: 18:03, 2010-Oct-12
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Teagan Presley sucking cock

Teagan Presley Upskirt

Teagan Presley†hardcore sex

Posted: 18:03, 2010-Oct-12 in SUCKING COCK
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tegan presley hard shag


Hot Blonde In Lingerie Teagan Presley Gets Her Pussy Nailed Deep By A Huge Hammer




Posted: 18:03, 2010-Oct-12 in tegan presley hard shag
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Hot Blonde Teagan Presley Doing Her Thing With A Huge Dick





Posted: 18:03, 2010-Oct-12 in teagan presle hardcore
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